Hal Peller
Proud to be nominated in three categories this year 'Best Coach' ; 'Best Improv Workshop' and 'Best Article/Blog'
I have facilitated Spolin Improvisation for over 30 years and I'm dedicated to the art form and the process. I coach groups, stand-ups and use this process in my corporate training! I am a member of AIN (Applied Improvisation Network) dedicated to finding ways to incorporate Improvisation with every day business. I am addicted to Improvisation because it gives me great joy.
Hal Peller
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Union Affilation: Non-Union
Improv Experience: More than 15 Years
Film Experience: Yes
State: New York
Registered As:
Training Institute
Described As:
Teacher / Facilitator
Home Base: New York City

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Improv Olympic, Del Close; Paul Sills; David Shepherd; Martin Harvey Friedberg


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