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Biological Necessities
Friday, 25 February 2011


Act/Ensemble Bio: Biological Necessities, or BN, as we are known by our loved ones, is an improv comedy troupe based in Raleigh, North Carolina. On second thought, calling ourselves an improv troupe is pretty formal, we actually like to think of ourselves more as five guys in a pretty dedicated relationship. We express the love that we share with one another physically by engaging in passionate improvisational comedy, in the same way that a married couple might express their love through sexual intercourse. BN believes that “mutual improvisation” is crucial to maintaining any healthy five way man-on-man relationship. To us, a cleverly turned phrase is just as intimate as a gently nibbled ear, a called back joke is analogous to a softly whispered, “I love you”. We are Biological Necessities. Watch and enjoy as we make sweet…sweet…improv.

Show Description: The boys of BN take one suggestion from the audience, and use that idea to spark the creation of made-up universe before your very eyes, a universe with characters so relatable, and trials and tribulations so engaging, that you will not be able to help but to really FEEL every laugh, every shout, and every tear. Ok, honestly, I’m going to level with you, we are probably just going to cuss a lot, and make some poop jokes (Hobert sure loves his caca humor. Just the word ‘caca’ gets him going). I am not proud of this, but it is what it is. If this makes you think less of us, that is fine, just leave Hobert out of it. He just doesn’t know any better.

Biological Necessities is: Chuck Givens, John Fowler, Kevin Bragg, Mike Davidoff, and Hobert Thompson.

Biological Necessities: "A free-flowing series of mediocre jokes and scenarios."


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