Deb Rabbai
Deb Rabbai
12 months ago
Restaurant Behavior, Mom Bloggers and Vampire Pre - Schoolers - Mommy Minute #7 01:28
In this minute we hear about a parents and tipping at restaurants, controversy over a popular mommy blogger, bathing and eating ice cream, and vampire...
Apr 24
May the Force Be With Me 06:36
Director J.J. Abrams is announced as the director for "Star Wars Episode VII". Who will be cast in this new film? Starring Jeff LaGreca, Brad Barton, ...
Apr 22
Epidurals and Shaming - Mommy Minute #3 01:33
In this minute we hear about a race war in health care AND epidurals. Plus, we hear an expert opinion on the effects of online shaming. This Mommy Mi...
Apr 17
The Savvy Actor and Matt Lewis are now friends
Apr 16
Improvisation News and Matt Lewis are now friends
Apr 16
Union Affilation: SAG, AFTRA, Equity
Height: 5' 4"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Improv Experience: More than 15 Years
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Home Base: New York

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