Formed in a class at the Magnet Theater in NYC, RuBin (Ruby Marez & Binu Paulose) perform long-form improv comedy by creating several different characters inspired by the suggestion of an event. They’ll either be lovers or fighters - sometimes both. Either way, it will all end awkwardly. RuBin currently hosts a regular comedy show at the Peoples' Improv Theater (PIT) called "Couples' Retreat", showcasing some of NYC's funniest improv duos.
17 months ago
Restaurant Behavior, Mom Bloggers and Vampire Pre - Schoolers - Mommy Minute #7 01:28
In this minute we hear about a parents and tipping at restaurants, controversy over a popular mommy blogger, bathing and eating ice cream, and vampire...
Apr 24
May the Force Be With Me 06:36
Director J.J. Abrams is announced as the director for "Star Wars Episode VII". Who will be cast in this new film? Starring Jeff LaGreca, Brad Barton, ...
Apr 22
Epidurals and Shaming - Mommy Minute #3 01:33
In this minute we hear about a race war in health care AND epidurals. Plus, we hear an expert opinion on the effects of online shaming. This Mommy Mi...
Apr 17
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"RuBin improvises a ton of characters - normal people and weirdos...but mostly weirdos. They play every mental patient in the crazy house." -- Megan Gray, Magnet Theater instructor and performer (Junior Varsity, MegaLou)
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RuBin @ the Magnet Theater (Evolution Revolution) - 6-6-2011

RuBin (Ruby Marez & Binu Paulose) performed at the Magnet Theater on Monday, Jun...

RuBin - Hot

RuBin (Ruby Marez & Binu Paulose) are trying to cool off from the heat. They al...

RuBin's Going On The Road in October!

Sep, 11 2011
Improv duo RuBin (Ruby Marez & Binu