Hold on to your Tweeter Folks and WIN!

Who says nothing in life is free? Win some fabulous prizes just by following us on Twitter. "Like what?" you ask. Well, we're no Oprah, but we ARE good for a free pint or two at a cool bar or free comedy show tix, or... you'll just have to wait and see.


  1. FOLLOW. Make sure you are following us on Twitter: @ImprovUpdates
  2. WAIT. Some time during the week we may send out a tweet that goes something like this - "Hold on to your Tweeter. Re-tweet our next message to all your peeps and you may win ??@#?"
  3. RE-TWEET. Then, you guessed it. Re-tweet whatever message we send out immediately following our, "Hold on..." tweet.  Winner is chosen randomly from the all who re-tweet prior to the close of the competition.
  4. WIN. We'll notify you through your Twitter account if you win and email you details on how to retrieve your fabulous prize.

Simple right? And oh, so good!


A minimum of 10 persons must participate in the contest by re-tweeting, in order for the contest to be valid. IN staff determine when the contest is closed. All decisions made by IN are final. Site terms and conditions apply.

Nov, 02 2010 by Improvisation News


Mark Hudson
Rob Schiffmann

Rob Schiffmann DOES IT ALL!

Rob Schiffmann is a great improviser / music improviser. As a musician, Rob stands out. As an emcee, Rob has worked with Pepsi, WebMD & more. 3-time MAC Award winner & INNY 2011 Best Improv Coach winner, Rob DELIVERS. & www.broadwaysnexthitmusical.<