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Best in College Improv

ASU, Barren Mind, Phoenix, AZ

USC, Commedus Interruptus, Los Angeles, CA

UCSB, Improvability, Santa Barbara, CA

Yale, Purple Crayon, New Haven, CT

Illinois State University, Improv Mafia, Normal, IL

Emporia State University, Zoiks!, Emporia, KS

NSCU, Biological Neccesisties, Raleigh, NC

UNC, CHiPs, Chapel Hill, NC

Duke University, DUI, Durham, NC

NYU, Captain Soldier, New York, NY

NYU, Dangerbox, New York, NY

LIU, The Best Medicine, Long Island, NY


Best in Short Form

Blank Label Improv, Los Angeles, CA

Eight is Never Enough, New York, NY

National Comedy Theatre, New York, NY

Off the Top of Our Heads, New York, NY

The Red Tie Mafia, New York, NY

The N Crowd, Philadelphia,  PA

The Yes Show, New York, NY


Best in Long Form

4 Square, Los Angeles, CA

The Younger Statesmen, Los Angeles, CA

Trophy Wife, Los Angeles, CA

3033, Chicago, IL

Big Black Car, New York, NY

Chet Watkins, New York, NY

Death By Roo Roo, New York, NY

Marty, New York, NY

Phooka, New York, NY

Trike ,New, York, NY


Best in Musical Improv

Baby Wants Candy, New York, NY

Boombox Kids, New York, NY

Broadway's Next Hit Musical, New York, NY

Dumpster Tequila, New York, NY

I Eat Pandas, New York, NY

The Made-Up Musical, New York, NY

Veal, New York, NY

Zamboni, New York, NY


Best in Sketch Comedy

Drug Puppy, Hollywood, CA

The Birthday Boys, Los Angeles, CA

The Groundlings Singles Cruise, Los Angeles, CA

Chocolate Cake City, Boston, MA

Chocolate Cake City, New York, NY

City Hall, New York, NY

Hammerkatz NYU, New York, NY

Harvard Sailing Team, New York, NY

Inside Joke Films, New York, NY

Murderfist, New York, NY

Swords, New York, NY

Beneath Gristedes, New York, NY


Most Innovative Show or Group

Facebook, Hollywood, CA

Impro Theatre, Los Feliz, CA

The 313, Los Angeles, CA

Borealis, New York, NY

Centralia, New York, NY

Doppelganger, New York, NY

Improvised Shakespeare, New York, NY

Meet Market, New York, NY

Political Subversities, New York, NY

Rubber Room, New York, NY

The Chris Gethard Show, New York, NY

*Justin Moran's: The Spidey Project

*Although the show doesn't open until 3/14, our readers feel the concept is innovative enough to include it as a nominee.

Best Comedy Duo

FrankenMatt, Los Angeles, CA

Chris and Paul, New York, NY

Dave and Ethan, New York, NY

Inside Joke Films, New York, NY

Ninja Sex Party, New York, NY

Steele Quinn, New York, NY

Swords, New York, NY


Best Comedy Video Short

Britanick: Trailer for Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever

Landline TV: Kids Act Out The Social Network

Political Subversities: The Social Network

Swords: A Morning in the Life of BP CEO Tony Hayward

Swords: Totes Not a Witch

The Second City: Undocumented Worker - The Audition

UCB Comedy: BP Spills Coffee


Best Promo Video

Borealis, New York, NY

Centralia: The Really Great Depression, New York, NY

Centralia: We Were Supposed to Have Flying Cars By Now, New York, NY

Magnet Theater/Lucia Brizzi, New York, NY

Ottawa Improv, Festival Ottawa, ON

The Andersons, Austin, TX


Best Improv Website


Best Comedy Blog

Dusty Earth Mother

Improv Kerouac


Maximum Fun


The Apiary

The Comic's Comic


Best Comedy Tweets












Best Improv Training School

Groundlings, Los Angeles, CA

iO West, Hollywood ,CA

The Second City Training Center - LA, Hollywood ,CA

The Second City Training Center - Chicago, Chicago, IL

Chicago City Limits - NY, New York, NY

Magnet Theater, New York, NY

The PIT, New York, NY

UCB - NY, New York, NY


Best Venue

Acme Comedy, Los Angeles, CA

Times Square Comedy Club, New York, NY

DSI Comedy, Carrboro, NC

Nashville Dinner Theatre, Nashville, TN

National Comedy Theatre, New York, NY

The PIT, New York, NY

The Tank, New York, NY

The Second City, Hollywood, CA


Best Workshop/Class

Amanda Sitko - Game of the Scene, Los Angeles, CA

Artistic New Directions  - AND Retreat, New York, NY

Artistic New Directions - Drop In Class,  New York, NY

David Razowsky - Workshop Intensives, New York, NY

Magnet Theater - Camp Magnet, New York, NY

Michael Martin - Musical Improv, New York, NY

Ptolemy Slocum - Workshop, Intensives, New York, NY

Rebecca Drysdale - Various Classes, New York ,NY

The Edge Effect Improv Lab, New York, NY

Michael McCarthy (iO) - Writing Classes, Los Angeles, CA


Best Improv Coach

Amey Goerlich

Ashley Ward

Kevin Scott

Matt Donnelly

Michael Ward

Mikey Day

Nicole Drespel

Rob Schiffmann

Russ Armstrong

Tom Ridgely


Best Improv Instructor

Armando Diaz, New York, NY

Mark Grenier, New York, NY

Meghan Duffy, New York, NY

Ali Farahnakian, New York, NY

Ashley Ward, New York, NY

Josh Funk, Hollywood, CA

Ralph Buckley, New York, NY

Eliza Skinner, New York, NY

Hal Rudnick, Los Angeles, CA

Kevin Hines, New York, NY

Porter Mason, New York, NY

Rebecca Drysdale, New York, NY


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