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Written by  Scott Kushman Saturday, 27 August 2011 03:23
Scott Kushman

Conan O'Brien
Ok, so I’ve been holding this in for a long time now, but it’s been killing me night after night for months on end: get your shit together Team Coco! As a longtime fan of Conan O’ Brien I had enough with this show’s style, format and comedy writing. It’s not just me making this declaration, as the Wall Street Journal Posted this article recently (Article)
analyzing Conan’s low ratings on TBS in his first year. The article points to a lack of a “Conan” attracting a boarder audience base as the problem. Well, audience isn’t the problem as the comedy writing/content of “Conan” is not up to “Late Night’s” quality, and frankly as a fan I demand more!

I’ve been a fan of Conan O Brien since I was 16 years old. I used to stay up late to watch “Late Night” on NBC, and my grades reflected it (can you say community college).   Now at 27, and entering the world of comedy writing (thanks UCB!) I have been extremely disappointed in the show that “Conan” has turned out to be.

Yes, the “Tonight Show” fiasco was a poorly mishandled train wreck. We get it and are proud of how Conan survived, went on tour, discovered new media and landed on TBS. We’re sold on that story. We all know how NBC suits made Conan’s “Tonight” team water down the comedy to reach middle America, in an effort to please Leno fans, even though NBC was quoted as saying they were happy with the younger demo. Because of that Conan’s “Tonight Show” wasn’t really him. The 15 minute long painful monologue they made him do every night over his trademark skits showed that.

They wanted him to be Leno. So while many other fans were pissed about the “Tonight Show” Fiasco, I was happy because I knew that Conan would land on a greener pasture, where he would have complete and total creative control. So when I heard he was moving to cable (TBS), I thought this is going to be great- he could go back to doing what he does best and push standards and practices with edgy skits. Become this force in producing comedy that would make many regret the fact that he isn’t fronting that legendary franchise. But painfully that hasn’t happened yet.

Conan on TBS isn’t the comeback comedy talk show that I though would change the game. It’s merely “The Tonight Show” part 2 with a crappy set, and an increased focus on social media. Oh and he addresses the audience more. Can’t forget that. It’s really ground breaking. Now I get the reason why Conan hasn’t gone back to his skits from Late Night.  In the media he claimed NBC owns the rights to all of his “Late Night” material, so as in an act of defiance, Conan was going to do new material to show that he can move forward.

That’s fine. But NBC not trade marking “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”, but hypothetically trade marking a masturbating bear makes me believe otherwise. The point is Conan proved what he needed to prove by going on tour. He can let it go now, even though I could imagine how painful it must be, and how that was easy of me to say.

But as in all tough love pitches, I’m pitching that to Team Coco it’s time to do better. The mourning process is done. I miss the masturbating bear, Cloppy the horse, state of the show, creepy sketches about cactuses that play music, Pimpbot, horny manatee, Joel Goddard, the fact that the show was NYC based, Vomiting Kermit, ass stamps, and finally skits that were as good and even better than SNL on most weeks. I miss that shit.

Yes they were mostly immature in nature, but those skits were amazing. Each of them written and concepts so good that the flow of the game was like going to a comedy opera every night at the met. Even on lazy writers days, celebrity survey did the trick. God, I could go on and on.

I understand how shows and comedy needs to evolve, but I was a fan for over 11 years now, and 6 months ago you lost me. I gave you a year Team Coco, hoping that once the beard was shaven off that some creepy shit would come back. But nothing, and it’s painful to watch. You guys just act like your doing any old talk show. No innovation, no pulse.  Show me why I or anyone else should spend another 11 years with you.


Scott Kushman

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