Theory of Everything at Magnet Theater

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Price: $7
Date: Feb 12, 2011


Theory of Everything is simply hilarious! Almost effortlessly, Mark Grenier, Louis Kornfeld, and Charlie Whitcroft offer an incredibly entertaining show. Without rush or desperation, this talented trio takes the audience through a complex storyline based on one suggestion.  After asking for a word or phrase (in Saturday’s case, “strawberries”), the troupe went from food allergies to deep-sea excavations to alien parasitism in one amazing storyline.

Although there were supernatural aspects to the plot, their style remained very natural and realWithout hesitation or verbal cues, the improvisers changed scenes in the most fluid way imaginable. Right after Grenier discussed his allergies to various fruits, particularly strawberries, Louis and Charlie quickly assumed their positions and became the characters in the play that is the Theory of Everything. While their roles referred to a strange mutual connection, there was no need for further explanation. 

What made this group amazing to watch was their complete relaxation. The downfall of many improvisers is the desperation to get that laugh in any way they can. Theory of Everything cast members have complete trust in one another’s ability to progress the story. While a minute of silence on stage in most improv shows forecasts doom, these actors use that awkwardness to develop the atmosphere of the scene. Because their characters knew so little of one another, they were able to advance the story in incredible ways.

Perhaps the most important variable to a show’s success is the actors’ chemistry with one another. In Theory of Everything’s case, the chemistry is perfect!

Theory of Everything: Mark Grenier, Louis Kornfeld, Charlie Whitcroft

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Feb 19,2011 by Gus Riley


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