Title : Gay Bomb: The Musical!

City : New York
State : New York
Start Date : May 04, 2012
Description :

Premiering at the Magnet Theater on May 4th, GAY BOMB: THE MUSICAL is a satirical romp inspired by the real-life plans of the U.S. military to build a bomb that turns enemy armies gay (honest!).

President-elect Felching has been swept into office on his promise to defend the United States from the homosexual and Mooslem threats. Sometimes, however, campaign promises can prove difficult to fulfill. Faced with a new Middle Eastern conflict, and his military stretched thin, the President must overcome his moral objections and embrace a controversial chemical weapon that can turn the enemy gay. Battling an effeminate army seems to be his depleted troops’ only hope for an easy victory. But nothing goes according to plan.

GAY BOMB: THE MUSICAL! is a cautionary tale that takes the twisted logic of the extreme American right to Strangelovian conclusions--skewering prejudice, power, and paranoia along the way. The show leaves no stereotype unscathed. The original Off-Off Broadway spectacular features some of New York's top performing improvisers.


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Directed by Michael Martin. Music by Frank Spitznagel. Book and lyrics by Chris Friden and Steve Whyte. Choreography by Anna Farkas. Costumes by Tracy Friden. Set design by Andy Yanni. Lighting by Dave Warth.

Starring: Andrew Fafoutakis, Dreagn Foltz, Ben Jones, Michael Lutton, Jen Sanders, TJ Mannix, Oscar Montoya, Dave Tomczak, and Woody Fu.






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Rob Schiffmann

Rob Schiffmann DOES IT ALL!

Rob Schiffmann is a great improviser / music improviser. As a musician, Rob stands out. As an emcee, Rob has worked with Pepsi, WebMD & more. 3-time MAC Award winner & INNY 2011 Best Improv Coach winner, Rob DELIVERS. & www.broadwaysnexthitmusical.<